Don McCullough of Brooksville, Florida, is the only pewter and solder sculptor of this kind in the world. His style of sculpture captures the moment of impact rarely seen in sculpture today.

He received his formal education at the Newark School of Industrial and Fine Arts in Newark, New Jersey. Taking a position in the electronics field, where he received his introduction to solder as a medium. One day a fellow worker made a little spider out of solder (a low temperature alloy of tin and lead used in the electronics field) and asked Don if he could make one. Not only did Don make a spider, he was fascinated by the flow of this metal.
His extensive work history in the electronics field brought about a unique understanding of the flow and control of solder. The later marriage of this artist with the composition of pewter and solder started the growth of a new technique to create fine sculptured art. By using different size soldering tips the metal is melted to a liquid state and with ‘one drop at a time ‘ art is created.

While doing finished work for the international sculptor to the state of Israel, Michael Satchman, Don had one ‘early day’ sculpture critiqued. Michael Satchman looked at the sculpture, turned away and said “Study Anatomy.” Don replied “Study Anatomy?” Michael said “Yes, you need to study anatomy!” Two years later upon completion of study, Don melted all of his ‘early day’ works down. Starting over, capturing the uniqueness of the work seen today.

In his first juried art shows, Art Festival at Lamberville, N.J., 1997 and Washington Square Outdoor Art Show, Greenwich Village, N.Y., 1998, Don won first place awards. Don specializes in personalizing sports sculpture. After twenty-five years of dedication to the perfection of his talent, Don’s work was requested to be exhibited in the Basketball Hall of Fame and was featured on NBA Inside Stuff.

His interests do not just lie in sculpting metals but in sculpting hearts and minds. During art shows and other activities Don found himself encouraging people, especially children, to dream. Once Don was scheduled for a thirty-minute ‘show and tell’ for his son’s school. When the children saw Don’s art work their eyes lit up. They were amazed at what he had done. He encouraged them to find what they liked to do most, see it as their goal, aim at it, and go for it!

Don McCullough’s goal is to help people to find within themselves their abilities. He believes everyone has the ability to do something. Don also would like to open a foundry that would provide training and jobs. Job training would include making molds, casting, and assembling unique fine art sculpture gifts.

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Don McCullough

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